Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership: Efficient, Succinct, Modular

Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership: Efficient, Succinct, Modular

Cybersecurity Seminars Online seminar
Thursday, 11 February 2021
7 pm - 8 pm (AEDT)

Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Set Membership are primitives that allow one to prove that is a member of a set without revealing its identity, i.e. the element of the set. Their study has gained great attention the past five years due to their applications in privacy-preserving Cryptocurrencies, as Zcash. Much effort has been done to improve their efficiency.

In this talk we will discuss alternative approaches for Set Membership Zero-Knowledge Proofs that are modular, succinct and efficient. Our instantiations make use of RSA Accumulators for succinct representation of the Set combined Proofs in Hidden Order and Prime Order Groups. We will also discuss concrete efficiency comparison with known schemes, based on our implementation.

About the speaker

Dimitris Kolonelos
PhD Student, IMDEA Software Institute

Dimitris Kolonelos is a PhD student at IMDEA Software Institute and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, in Spain, since 2019, advised by Dario Fiore. He is broadly interested in various cryptographic aspects with a current interest in compressing primitives for large-scale applications, as Scalable Blockchains. This includes cryptographic primitives as Vector Commitments, Accumulators for Sets and  Succinct Argument Systems.


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