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Our team has published extensively on human values and software.
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2019A Case for Human Values in Software Engineering
J. Whittle, M.A. Ferrario, W. Simm and W. Hussain
IEEE Software
2019Is Your Software Valueless?
J. Whittle
IEEE Software
2019Towards Integrating Human Values into Software: Mapping Principles and Rights of GDPR to Values
H. Perera, W. Hussain, D. Mougouei, R. A. Shams, A. Nurwidyantoro and J. Whittle
IEEE 27th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)
2018Operationalizing human values in software: a research roadmap
D. Mougouei, H. Perera, W. Hussain, R. Shams and J. Whittle
ESEC/FSE 2018: Proceedings of the 2018 26th ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering
2018Integrating Social Values into Software Design Patterns
W. Hussain, D. Mougouei and J. Whittle
2018 IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Software Fairness (FairWare)