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 Operationalizing Human Values in Software Engineering: A Survey
Shahin, M., Nurwidyantoro, A., Perera, H., Shams, R., Grundy, J., and Whittle, J.
(under review)
 The Impact of Considering Human Values during Requirements Engineering Activities
Perera, H., Hoda, R., Shams, R. A., Nurwidyantoro, A., Shahin, M., Hussain, W., and Whittle, J.
(under review)
 Human Values in Mobile App Development: An Empirical Study on Bangladeshi Agriculture Mobile Apps
Shams, R. A., Shahin, M., Oliver, G., Whittle, J., Hussain, W., Perera, H., and Nurwidyantoro, A. (2021).
2022Human values in software development artefacts: A case study on issue discussions in three Android applications
Nurwidyantoro, A., Shahin, M., Chaudron, M. R., Hussain, W., Shams, R., Perera, H., Oliver, G. and Whittle, J.
Information and Software Technology
2022How Can Human Values Be Addressed in Agile Methods? A Case Study on SAFe
Hussain, W., Shahin, M., Hoda, R., Whittle, J., Perera, H., Nurwidyantoro, A., Shams, R., and Oliver, G. 
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
2021Towards a human values dashboard for software development: An exploratory study
Nurwidyantoro, A., Shahin, M., Chaudron, M., Hussain, W., Perera, H., Shams, R. A., and Whittle, J.
15th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM)
2021Measuring Bangladeshi Female Farmers' Values for Agriculture Mobile Applications Development
Shams, R., Shahin, M., Oliver, G., Hussain, W., Perera, H., Nurwidyantoro, A., and Whittle, J.
54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
2020Human values in software engineering: Contrasting case studies of practice
Hussain, W., Perera, H., Whittle, J., Nurwidyantoro, A., Hoda, R., Shams, R. A., and Oliver, G.
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
2020Society-oriented applications development: Investigating users’ values from Bangladeshi agriculture mobile applications
Shams, R. A., Hussain, W., Oliver, G., Nurwidyantoro, A., Perera, H., and Whittle, J.
IEEE/ACM 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering in Society (ICSE-SEIS)
2020A study on the prevalence of human values in software engineering publications, 2015-2018
Perera, H., Hussain, W., Whittle, J., Nurwidyantoro, A., Mougouei, D., Shams, R. A., and Oliver, G.
IEEE/ACM 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
2020Continual human value analysis in software development: A goal model based approach
Perera, H., Mussbacher, G., Hussain, W., Shams, R. A., Nurwidyantoro, A., and Whittle, J.
IEEE 28th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)
2020Is There a Need to Address Human Values in Domain Modelling?
Mussbacher, G., Hussain, W., and Whittle, J.
IEEE Tenth International Model-Driven Requirements Engineering (MoDRE)
2019A Case for Human Values in Software Engineering
J. Whittle, M.A. Ferrario, W. Simm and W. Hussain
IEEE Software
2019Is Your Software Valueless?
J. Whittle
IEEE Software
2019Towards Integrating Human Values into Software: Mapping Principles and Rights of GDPR to Values
H. Perera, W. Hussain, D. Mougouei, R. A. Shams, A. Nurwidyantoro and J. Whittle
IEEE 27th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)
2018Operationalizing human values in software: a research roadmap
D. Mougouei, H. Perera, W. Hussain, R. Shams and J. Whittle
ESEC/FSE 2018: Proceedings of the 2018 26th ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering
2018Integrating Social Values into Software Design Patterns
W. Hussain, D. Mougouei and J. Whittle
2018 IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Software Fairness (FairWare)