Studio leader: Rutger Pasman

The suburbs of Metropolitan Melbourne are currently undergoing an incredible change. How will we adapt to a world with an atmospheric CO2 level of over 1000 ppm? What could be the spatial outcome of such a world and how do we as designers contribute, influence or manufacture it?

There are a few places in Metropolitan Melbourne where these kinds of spatial changes overlap with large-scale infrastructural needs of the city. Now connected by a new Suburban Rail Loop, University campuses are able to reorientate themselves in multiple directions and are less reliant on the old city for its representation. A field of opportunities for knowledge sharing and employment is nearby which asks for a new design language to suit its specific character and needs. How do we design for a work-life balance after 2020? Our project focuses on a confluence of visible, invisible, projected and historical forces.

We used and developed drawing techniques to question the role of the suburbs, the campus, the industrial park and the sportsfield in a new Australian suburb, to design housing, working and leisure projects that support the university campus in redefining their new position as centres for Melbourne. We designed on multiple scales from the room to the campus to question how a balance can be met between the individual and the collective. How do the modes of living, working and playing fit to the new normal, or its future inhabitants?


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