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Monash University leads study of undergraduate degrees in vocational institutions in Australia

A landmark study led by The Faculty of Education at Monash University has secured funding from the Australian Research Council for a project called Vocational Institutions, Undergraduate Degrees.

Learning & teaching 26 February 2018

Molecular link uncovered between Vitamin A and intestinal health

Better prevention of food allergies and IBS could be on the way, thanks to new research uncovering the link between Vitamin A and intestinal balance.

Medicine & health 23 February 2018

Breakthrough could lead to better drugs to tackle diabetes and obesity

Breakthrough research at Monash University has shown how different areas of major diabetes and obesity drug targets can be ‘activated’, guiding better treatment of diseases.

Medicine & health 22 February 2018

Monash study reveals how kidney disease happens

Monash researchers have solved a mystery, revealing how certain immune cells work together to instigate autoimmune kidney disease.

Medicine & health 21 February 2018

Researcher calls for free flu shot for young kids

After a bumper 2017 flu season, new research has sparked calls for the seasonal influenza vaccine to be publicly funded to boost the uptake of vaccinations of vulnerable young children.

26 February 2017
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