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NHMRC centre and ANZMUSC musculoskeletal clinical trial network

Launch of new national network to reverse the burden of musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis

A new centre that aims to redress the inequity in musculoskeletal research opens today in Melbourne.

Medicine & health 22 March 2018

Global burden of low back pain – a consequence of medical negligence and misinformation

The Lancet reports low back pain as a global health issue

A series of groundbreaking papers warns that low back pain is a major health burden globally, and that current treatments are unnecessary and harmful.

Medicine & health 22 March 2018

Long-lasting method to prevent dengue launched in Mexico’s Baja California Sur

The communities will benefit from a self-sustaining program that uses Wolbachia mosquitoes to provide long-lasting protection from dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses.

Medicine & health 21 March 2018

Forum turns the tables on African youth crisis

Voices from all sides of the 'African youth crisis' debate will come together today to discuss the issues raised around media and political representation of ‘African gangs’, to workshop solutions and discuss the divisive topic of migration more broadly.

Male contraceptive pill closer thanks  to Monash University and MIPS scientists

First hormone-free male pill soon to be a reality

A hormone-free male contraceptive pill may soon become a reality, with Monash scientists moving closer to a combination of drugs that block the transport of sperm during ejaculation.

Medicine & health 14 March 2018
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