Studio leader: Alonso Gaxiola Gomez

Spencer 2 Spring (S2S) is interested in understanding Melbourne - particularly the Hoddle Grid - by cataloging the moments and events that make our city so unique. We see the city as our main source of knowledge and inspiration; Melbourne as precedent for intent.

S2S turns its attention to Dark Kitchens (highly efficient production units without a storefront that are optimized for delivery) and other new typologies derived from e-commerce. We are interested in spatial conditions generated by seemingly incompatible programs and we encourage programmatic pollination.

Similar to previous S2S deliveries, students followed a precise methodology to extract systems from the Hoddle Grid, analyse them, and apply them to a medium scale project in the heart of the city. We focused on drawing, representation, and narrative as tools to convey architectural ideas.

Spencer 2 Spring

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