Studio leader: Hannes McNamara

Bendigo has a shortage of housing and a desire for stronger communities. Students were encouraged to propose new cohousing and mixed-use residential models. Challenging the accepted norms of both single dwelling and apartment design while providing all the functionality and liveability of a standalone through a cohousing model were key studio themes. Housing affordability, a sense of community and liveability as well as responding to the pandemic and the opportunities for further exploration into themes around community wellbeing. The studio investigates and challenges the status quo within our existing housing models through a co-design process between designer (architecture student) and client (future resident). It challenges students, as change-agents, to set the agenda for future community housing models while working in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Students were required to cultivate a sense of responsibility for our environment (both built and social), developing a moral code against which to test each proposal. Student proposals actively engaged in the current discussion regarding apartment living and density and its potential for evolution in Regional Victoria. Exemplar projects addressed co-housing with multigenerational living, mixed use housing models, housing for diverse communities and connection to the landscape.

Former Bendigo Gasworks

Near Maps, 2020
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