Studio leader: Andrew Simpson

This studio was part of a suite of MADA studios exploring the impact of the global phenomena of climate change and the pandemic on regional coastal settlements along the Great Ocean Road. Under the collective title ‘On Edge’, these studios provided an opportunity to interrogate how architecture, planning and urban design might respond to the challenges of bushfire and sea level rise along with the impact of the global pandemic on work patterns within regional areas of Victoria.

This specific project focused on testing new models of small-scale housing that respond to the shifting balance between work and home life in the post-pandemic world. This emerging social dynamic is reflected in significant house-price increases along with a shortage of rental accommodation in regional areas of Australia, including Apollo Bay. The studio offered students the opportunity to explore flexible models of programming that offer amenity beyond the conventional single dwelling.

This was an opportunity to experience a process akin to a sole-practice commission: to produce a project that spanned between the environmental, social and cultural context of architecture and a its’ conceptual framing, through to a refined material resolution that fully integrates a challenging set of technical requirements, including bushfire resistance and flood remediation.


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