Studio leader: Isabel Lasala

Case study: Caulfield Creative Precinct

The accelerated transformation of our cities is having major implications in the quality of our urban environment, where sometimes efficiency and growth are prioritised over the leisure and amenity of its inhabitants.

The Caulfield Creative Precinct does not escape this situation. It is an area characterised by excellent accessibility, a large proportion of green areas, and the Monash University Caulfield Campus. Furthermore, the precinct is surrounded by a residential area that includes a very diverse demographic. However, Caulfield Station Precinct is still perceived as a “hostile precinct for local people.” This situation occurs when the urban scale is prioritised over the human scale.

This studio offers students the opportunity to reflect upon these challenging circumstances and explore the possibilities for connection, reactivation, and consolidation of areas that are currently isolated. While reflecting upon these issues, students implement two design strategies to activate and connect these urban spaces: the design of a ‘new ground’; and re-programming and re-activating an abandoned or neglected space or structure.

​​The intention is to create strong formal and spatial relationships with the Caulfield Creative Precinct’s surroundings and create unexpected and inspiring public spaces that, at the same time, can ‘suture’ the urban fabric.

Urban Sutures

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