Renewable and biodegradable building products offer solutions to counter the enormous amount of construction waste generated by our growing population. This project proposes a new construction system, Bio-wall, based on bio-materials, and generated through an agroforestry industry building on renewable plantations in regional Victoria. Agroforestry integrates multiple species of plants creating a functioning ecology – an approach which has benefits beyond the production of building products for biodiversity, soil health and sustainability.

BIO-WALL Showroom + Housing

The Showroom is a showcase of the Bio-Wall system in urban context. The project attempts to maximise the use of bio materials for construction through the use of Hempcrete, Mycelium and sustainably-farmed cross laminated timber. These materials have high levels of performance and are exemplars in the four important parts of walls; thermal comfort, fire rating, sound absorption and structural rigidity.




Floor Plan


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