My final studio proposal considers many aspects of Architecture I have focused on throughout my studies. The group research and design project 'Bio-Wall System', and individual 'Agro-Factory' outcome, form part of a larger interest of mine into natural materials, closed loop material cycles, and biodegradable buildings.


The Agro-Factory is part of a group submission based on research into bio-materials. The Agro-Factory is one example of an outcome from a prefabricated construction system developed by our group. All of the materials are grown in an agroforestry setting surrounding the factory itself, showcasing the thermal and fire performance of natural materials, with the important benefits of biodegradability and carbon positivity.

The Agro-Factory, and building system itself, is designed to a closed loop life cycle, with all wastage re-used on site, with old components biodegraded safely into a new nutrient cycle.

Agro-Factory Building System

Our kit of parts features structural members such as cross-laminated timber floor plates, and glue-laminated timber beams and arches. Cladding elements like moulded hemp panels and bricks, and mycelium insulation panels contribute excellent thermal and fire rating properties, with the important benefits of biodegradability and carbon positivity.

Agro-Factory Partition System

Part of our overall building system includes a partition wall system. The wall modules were developed as a prefabricated unit, which is flexible and reusable. The wall modules are perfect for a workshop setting, where flexibility is integral.
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