Design, as a medium to express one’s thought, simple, yet embeds a generations’ desires and will. Though myself does not set foot on any art or design background, I still has a passion to create a fraction of this world we all live in.

Four years in this journey, what I saw was not academic greatness or technologic genius. Instead, it was dozens of mind weaving together, forming innovative ideas.

Not thriving to be the best, but for the greater tomorrow. The answer of design was never attractiveness, but relatability. Interior architecture, between design and architecture, between fantasy and reality, between your mind and mine.


Chronos:Aion is a narrative of adaptive reuse in providing care and love, particularly focusing on elderly and those who live with dementia. The project is a reimagination of the neighbourhood, rather than solely providing residential purposes, it focuses on the character and community that is what, forms the suburbs.

Reconfigured garage library

An underutilised garage transformed as a relatable and accessible library. A form of cognitive stimulation, capturing a purpose in life.

Bus Stop

Bus stops, a reminder of the past. A form of reminiscence therapy, capturing a moment in time.

Op Shop

An underutilised front yard transformed into a community op shop. A form of social interaction and economic participation, capturing a habit in mind.

Clinic 2D drawings

An unused dwelling transformed into a clinic. Providing opportunities to receive high quality of care on a regular basis, capturing essences of mortality.

Moment in time, stays in time

Interior architecture, is never bounded by walls or rules. It is part of humanities’ imagination and creativity towards a greater future. There is no such thing as a poor design, only ever a design that is poorly communicated. To understand, is to be understood.
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