Current wall systems aren’t always fit for the purposes that we need today. If we design in a different way, we can offer solutions to the problems that we can’t currently solve.

Could our walls be more like furniture or products? What if you could bring your walls with you when you arrive in a space and set them up in your house? Or if you could move your walls around, and redefine your internal spaces easily and at the end, take them down.

Having a wall system that is flexible, portable and lightweight, and is a furniture at the same time offers potential to think about walls differently and offer solutions to unusual problems.

100 Collins Street

To demonstrate how the system works, it has been applied to 100 Collins Street in Melbourne.


Conventional construction systems have been using the same materials and processes for decades despite advances in material technology, digital integration and advanced manufacturing that have been adopted by other industries. One example is fibre composite technologies which combine fabrics woven from carbon, basalt, flax or hemp with resins to create lightweight, strong and versatile materials. These types of materials have been used in other industries, and can be introduced to the construction industry to bring innovation and create new opportunities.

Facde System

Lightweight fibre composite panels, installed from inside the building, attach to existing structure and provide shading and privacy for apartments.

Fibre Walls

In this project, we experiment with how a lightweight and portable walling system could help to transform office buildings, left empty in the CBD due to COVID, quickly and efficiently and give them functions such as temporary living solutions. Fibre composite panels are designed in size and weight to fit into elevators for easy transportation to each floor. All construction is done from the in-side out, avoiding the need for cranes. Raised flooring panels integrate electrical and hydraulic services, allowing the centralised services core of the office buildings to be distributed to new apartments. These lightweight wall panels are movable and operable.


In this apartment, a couple transforms their apartment into a workspace during the day for two people to comfortably work from home.


This view shows the apartment in a kitchen/dining mode.
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