My name is Amber O’Donnell and I am a fourth year Interior Architecture student, always designing with purpose, with the belief every action will impact the end result. This mantra demonstrates the concept of changes providing possibility throughout an entire design process; from the early planning stages to the free nature of final 3D modelling. Throughout my degree I have focused on Site and Place as the project underpinnings, as I believe the surrounding environment can greatly impact the program within a site.


Re:Live is a respite-style aged care centre that focuses on restoring the mind and body through the reintroduction of independence and physiological well being of the elderly residents. Examining the spatial design of eldely residency and reinventing it with the aim of improving quality of life and overall wellbeing. By using the connection between individuals and their own childhood memories, Re:Live uses recording and documenting of stories to allow individuals to return to their homes with a piece of the centre.

Re:Live centre Floor Plan

Overall centre floorplan
Scale 1:125

A memory recording

An audio track that provides a deeper layer to the project, recorded by my Grandmother Beverley.

Physical Artefact - Recording Capsule

Artistic representation of the capsule residents take home with them after their visit in Re:Live. An ever growing audio diary for friends and family to listen back to.

Hydrotherapy Pool

A render of the Hydrotherapy pool, providing space for residents to relax and recover from injury; guided by nurses and coaches.

Program Diagrams

Created early in the process stage of the proposal, these diagrams were created with reference to the paper 'Storytelling in a Nursing Home'
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