This semester saw the development of our proposal, The Transit Hub; a dynamic, multifunctional hub that benefits and contributes to the growth of Clayton suburb. Through intensive program analysis, transport density investigations and analysing the present connections within the community, we were able to create a building that responds to multiple demographic requirements, site context and broadened the connectivity of Clayton not just locally but to wider Victoria. Using the universal need for transport as an interface to boost retail, 24 hour activation and circulation through campus, The Transit Hub aims to assist in the growth of Monash Clayton into a new technology precinct.

Clayton Transport and Urban Density Mapping

This mapping shows the different zones that organize Clayton suburb and their uses, in combination with the current transport system(s) and its pedestrian accessibility. It is the basis for understanding the suburb of Clayton as a whole and the contexts that the Transit Hub will respond to.

Potential Connections of Clayton Campus

Zooming in further to the Monash Clayton Campus; the chosen site has a wide breadth for potential connections to multiple zones on campus, and into the wider suburb. We identified connections that were active 24/7 to residential areas with younger demographic, others that were only active from 9-5 towards industrial precincts and campus areas.

Program Time Analysis

The programs selected are based on the requirements of the community whom research suggests are predominantly: university students, young professionals/couples, families and a small ageing population. These programs are then organised spatially by: requirement for natural light and opening time frame.

Program and Light Distribution

The atrium and lightwells are carefully placed to ensure light is diffused deep into the levels of The Hub. The selected programs are then dispersed throughout the levels as per their program function and natural lighting needs.

Transit Lab Atmosphere

The design of the building features a transparent glass roof with diagonal crossing beams aligning with the topographic drop beside them. This transparent roof not only feeds natural light into the depth of the station hub and the levels below, but also seconds as a striking design feature creating a large atmospheric presence for those circulating throughout the hub.

Transit Hub Platform

A vital aspect to the hub is the train platform on the lowest floor. This gives the hub and the broader suburb a vein of connectivity that has not been previously so present, especially on Clayton Campus. This interface will be a driver for growth and development on multiple infrastructure levels as accessibility increases.
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