Working in a pair with Linh Dao, the "Archisan Studio" takes on multiple opportunities to create playful and meaningful playgrounds for occupants, designing an adaptable house which can transform itself to meet the occupant needs, reduces the carbon footprint and help solve the overpopulation problem.

Adaptable Housing

This project derives from the idea of flexible housing, adapting not only the harsh weather of Apollo Bay but it also needs to be transformable to suit the need of each occupant. These aspects provide a template for anyone to be able to live better.

Section drawing

This adaptive feature 2 moveable walls that allows the occupant to extend or retrieve the wall to create more space depends on the weather condition and the amount of people lives in that space.

Plan drawing

Here is the plan drawing showing how much space can be created by these movable walls. The idea was also based on the harsh weather of Apollo Bay where the occupants can extend these wall to create a shelter outdoor deck during winter, rainy or windy days that prevent them from using the outdoor deck, this will give them a sense of being outside while being inside of the house. During summer, they can retrieve the wall to create an outdoor area to enjoy natural sunlight.

Transformative diagram

The house also includes furniture that can transform itself to create a different room for the occupants. This idea allows the owner to modify the room depending on the amount of people lives in that space.
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