Having have had a Bachelors degree in Architecture, I am currently pursuing Masters of Urban Planning and Design. I am trying to achieve better quality in understanding how a cityscape works by making it more efficient, innovative, affordable and accessible and improve the enforcement of planning mechanisms> I am interested in how these disparate elements combine and interact to create the urban environment, so that I can truly serve the purpose of doing the Master in Urban Planning and Design.

Amphibious Design Adaptations: Using flooding as an incentive

The Barham River has a history of heavy rainfall that means the town is open to several potential flood risks. Currently, the main risks are of riverine flooding (from the river) and flash flooding (from heavy rainfall). During prolonged rainfall, the Barham River swells, forming a natural floodplain, Barham River has severely flooded twice in the past 18 years to a depth of up to 1.1 meters at an average velocity of 0.9 meters per second. There is a need to increase the resilience of this local community by making sure they do not miss out on economic and social benefits leading to stagnation if not decline.

Location of Infiltration basin at the Barham River floodplain

Working of Pop Up Barriers and the Infiltration Basins

Action Plan

3D Visualization

Proposal for the 1 in 100 mean flood level

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