My project “Living on Campus” explores the role that architects can play as artists. The outcome illustrates a conversation between past and present; from the previous history of the last known domestic residence in 2013 at Monash University Caulfield Campus which is reimagined as an archival memorial.

Fabric textile

The materials include galvanised steel grates, portal frame structure and a heavy cotton textile which once is laid over the structure, portrays the formal qualities of what once was.

Garage Sale

The Garage sale represents metaphoric symbol for rupturing suburban fences and reaching out across cultures and communities as an overall creative precinct strategy

House 2 event space

Acting as two separate pieces in contrast to one another, one house creates for a sculptural form whereas the other acts as spaces to initiate, facilitate, supporting the creative precincts agenda.

Conversation between artworks

“Living on Campus” converses with the current existing public artwork of Agatha Gothe Snape within the Campus green.

Temporary permanence

The project acts as a permanent legacy in a temporary form within the timeline of Monash University, Caulfield post suburban development.

11 & 13 Princes Ave

The artworks make formal reference to the two residential neighbours of 11 and 13th Princes Avenue telling a story of the dynamics of neighbourly social relations.
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