Design Task 2

This structure was an early design exercise in our studio as a test of the potential of existing prefabricated and modular systems. Modelling and using the catalogue of parts from Jean Prouvé’s Maison Tropicale, we were tasked with creating a structure that would vary from its original intention. I tried to use the components for different purposes such as doors for flooring or roof trusses for base supports; turning the elements around and imagining connections between them.

Design Task 3

This structure is a 5-storey viewing platform utilizing components from Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion house. Ceiling elements were used for flooring and steps and centred around a column made from stacked poles. The columns around the platform were assembled at different heights to provide support at every level. This was a wonderful exercise is testing the limitations as well as the creative potentials of a system.

Prefabricated Ferrocement Panels for Disaster-Relief Housing

Designing a panel that could be made using low-level or high-level technology was an important aspect of this project. The material research into ferrocement is inspired by the architect Anupama Kundoo’s work who emphasizes the process of building and making, and this informed my approach to the design of the prefabricated ferrocement panels. Research into disaster-relief housing revealed that victims of a disaster continue to use temporary shelters as permanent homes for longer than intended. Prefabricated elements allow for permanent dwellings to be developed faster and allows for expansion over time as the occupants have the opportunity to fabricate additional components on their own.

Prefabricated Townhouse

The material research was focused on the re-use of waste materials as well as an open-source platform based around the timber composite panels that would enable micro-eco manufacturers to plug in their products. The panels have been moulded to allow for insulation and services to run through them and fix together using posts and a tongue and groove system. This enables the panels to demountable and/or reusable, reducing on waste while the material itself is recyclable. The design of the townhouse is a demonstration of how these prefabricated timber composite panels can be used to construct housing easily while supporting other elements whether prefabricated or customised.
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