Hi, I'm Annie, I am a recent graduate of the Masters of Urban Planning and Design. I see Urban Planning and Design as a sector where my passion for environmental and social justice intersects with creativity and ingenuity.

Preston East Industrial Precinct

The Four Pillars

Our central goal of inclusivity is explored through four pillars - Economic, Cultural, Social and Environmental - these reflect the holistic outcomes for the East Preston Industrial Precinct.

The Industrial Precinct

East Preston Industrial Precinct is comparable in size to Melbourne CBD, with the site being 1.7 square kilometres and Melbourne CBD 2.5 square kilometres. From above, our site looks like a typical industrial region, with big building footprints for warehouses and large roads to cater for trucks. On the ground, however, we observe a variety of industries, businesses, occupations and specialisation. The site also has a few green spaces, notably TW Blake Reserve to the north-west.

The Four Pillars and the Three Scales

Commercial 3 Zone

The modified Commercial 3 Zone is a mixed-use employment zone which is intended to facilitate the establishment and growth of creative industries, small manufacturers and start-up businesses.

Business Incubator

Establishing a business incubator within the precinct through a collaborative effort from state and local governments will provide an avenue for local community members and businesses to integrate with the East Preston workforce.
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