Current construction methods have been proven to be wasteful, inaccessible and timely. Therefore this studio began an investigation into the costs of these methods and coerced the class into developing new wall systems that aimed to be environmentally cautious, locally sourced, modular, demountable and accessible. With a keen interest into disaster relief I refined a system made from CNC cut components that could stack and fasten together using an internal tension system. With a rapid, safe and easy construction these components could prove useful to constructing temporary and permanent housing solutions to people displaced by disaster.

A modular street front

A speculative proposal for what could have been implemented to assist Marysville's recovery from the Black Saturday Bush Fires in 2009. With over 2000 homes destroyed and an economical impact, that would last for years to come, there was no doubt that the Vibe Hotel was met with some controversy. Despite its intent to help rebuild Marysville's economy it unfortunately became a monopoly, taking away from local small businesses and Airbnb. This proposal transforms for a initial rapid construction of temporary housing, to provide basic shelter and comfort for the displaced, to a redevelopment of Marysville's street front by offering collaborative spaces from making and small business.

A new street view

This view depicts the project in its final, permanent form displaying the original temporary constructions being encased within a treated plywood sealing. Although providing a solution to temporary constructions, when it comes to long term projects, Digiblock cannot perform alone. An oscillating finish that cocoons and waterproofs the internal structures are erected slowly over time.

The dwelling options

This series of axonometric drawings display a potential catalogue of dwellings ranging from one bedroom to three bedroom units. These dwellings are constructed over three stages depending on the length of time they are required.

The three bedroom dwelling

This series of drawings outline the space, the rooms and the aesthetics of a three bedroom unit. Although small in size, the structure offers a balance of private and communal areas as well as a balance of indoor/outdoor spaces to ensure as much comfort for the recovering community.
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