After studying architectural design for three years, I have developed a strong interest in architectural graphic representation and how it can be achieved in unique and captivating ways, whilst attributing different meanings or personalities to a project. River Salt Valley Café is no exception to an experimental style that features natural elements incorporated into its meandering yet modular design, intended to act as part of the new MITA site.


MITA’s community interaction programs and cultural sharing and integration is extremely lacking. River Salt Valley & Café’s aim to provide an avenue and forum for MITA residents, public visitors and the Broadmeadows community to interact, work together and form bridges over the gaps in societal integration. The overall concept seeks to link the programs to the main site through viewpoints, shelter and restaurant and café experiences able to be run, experienced and enjoyed by the residents and wider Broadmeadows community through naturalistic, biophilic and socio-cultural interaction.


The elevation showcases the façade of the structure which features timber and vegetation walls, with a landscaped terrain.


The renders of the café and surrounding area showcase the landscaping required to create a playful terrain that hugs the café, while materiality such as glass and timber contributes to a sense of openness.


The section showcases interior modulated spaces and an upper level of the cafe that is crowned with a glass lattice skylight.


This detail drawing shows the connection between levels of the café, with the incorporation of a glass lattice skylight which is chemically set into steel tracks. The detail also showcases concrete piles upon which the café sits to create a floating effect whilst being environmentally conscious with the structure's footprint.
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