Australia boasts some of the worlds’ most livable cities that have grown and adapted in accordance with population expansion. This constant growth and rapid consumption of material causes a multitude of waste problems that extend beyond the construction industry. With global waste export restrictions tightening, where will Australia’s waste go?

The project aims to incorporate inter-industry waste into modular building components; exploring potential design outcomes through a contemporary take on unreinforced masonry construction, accelerated by the use of advanced manufacturing systems.

Pentridge Panopticon

Pentridge Panopticon looks to reimagine the recent redevelopment of Pentridge in Melbourne’s inner north. The design has been informed by existing bluestone architectures and site geology, as it attempts express both the construction and material potentials of our group’s masonry-based system.

The Modern Material Problem

The premise of the project looks to the current state of our cities/industries and their associated issues. Australia must react to the modern material problem of inter-industry waste and holistically approach responses which trace waste generation back to the primary source.

Urban Material Strategy

Suggesting a composite future for materials which combines bi products, geology, and construction waste from across the country in our urban hubs.

Typological Definition & System Application

Through addressing the vast amounts of masonry waste available and reducing material reaches, the project’s is typologically defined by combining structural solutions for unreinforced masonry construction, applied through the use of advanced manufacturing and material innovation.

Elemental Design

Broken down into both structural and non-structural components, our system’s kit of parts reflects the design of a steel-less architecture with integrated internal and external systems. The designs celebrate the qualities unreinforced masonry whilst pushing limitations through digital fabrication.
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