The project outlined in this page is a result of identifying spatial vulnerabilities within the study area in Dandenong South's Industrial area and the local workforce. The interventions and pilot projects being proposed respond specifically to the local workforce's vulnerability towards urban heat island effect and their lack of access to amenities. Proposals include a short-term painted roads pilot project along Swift Way; to long-term interventions such as pedestrian paths, urban greening, and activation of underutilised public open space.

Section of Eumemmerring Creek, Dandenong South

This section illustrates the proposed activation of this little-used public open space. The lack of public open space and vacant lands within the study area indicates that existing spaces should be utilised and made more effective. The Eumemmerring Creek can be utilised as a space where workers can have breaks between shifts or for leisure in non-work hours. The existing Flood Overlay, Vegetation Protection Overlay and Urban Floodway Zone will require careful consideration as these will restrict what actually can be proposed along the creek.

Inclusivity Framework

This diagram illustrates the framework on how inclusivity was divided into three themes with specific issues that require specific objectives to address them. Each of the objectives would include strategies that cater towards a specific vulnerability or opportunity.

It is hoped that the strategies proposed will lead to an inclusive industrial area that is accessible and amenity-focused which incentivises community building and opportunities for education, collaboration and entrepreneurship. There is an opportunity for Dandenong South to be a place that is beyond an industrial workplace, a third place between work and home for workers to connect and enjoy.

Map showing the Heat Vulnerability Index of the Study Area

A dominance of impervious and heat-absorbing material coupled with a lack of tree canopy cover has resulted in Urban Heat Island (UHI) being of particular concern in the study area.
Despite the omittance of local workers, the Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI) score for our study area is already at a 4 out of 5. This indicates a particular vulnerability to heat-related stress and illnesses from extreme-heat events.

Strategic Map

This is where our strategies will be tested - focusing on the areas near and around Swift Way in the south of Dandenong South. The strategies covered in this page will be limited to #3. Strategy 2.1, and the Eumemmering Creek's activation

Perspective of Swift Way

This perspective illustration shows the trialing of short-term pilot project of painted roads to prioritise pedestrians, as well as the long-term proposals of pedestrian footpaths and urban greening.

The Strategies Together

To tie the strategies together, imagine a worker arriving by bus on Hammond Rd and goes to a maker-space to test out a new machine at his workplace. At lunch, he goes for a walk under the trees on Swift Way to his favourite diner and has lunch outdoors. After work he continues walking down Swift Way to attend an after-work English class at Nicholas Drive. Afterwards, he takes a walk to Eumemmerring Creek for some exercise and relaxation.
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