Against the backdrop of a growing intake and generation of information with over-monitoring technology by the companies like Amazon in the age of big data, Dandenong Urban Archive is an ethical responder, developing a distribution center consisting of a multi-media archive and a data broadcasting system. The information / data in the archive is not extracted unilaterally, but can be usefully shared and read in various ways.

Mapping of information flow

The Archive's data core system is fed by an urban network of underground cables and information-related utilities. The flow of information goes from the city scale to the Dandenong district, to the building, to the end of the distribution network.

Data core structure & Broadcasting system

The exploded view is to show the data core structure consisting of storage racks, conveyer system, transit hub, and the sliding track going through the building. The diagram on the right demonstrates the different activity spaces including private working units and public data broadcasting areas of different sizes. Vertically, the entire building follows the spatial logic of classification, storage, and output.

Section A-A

The vertical flow of people and information within the distribution center is expressed through the data cores facilitating the activities.

Section B-B

People obtain disks containing booked information from the moveable units placed by the conveyor system and then perform audio-visual on-site reading and meeting.

AA new nexus in the south east media landscape

As a new nexus in the southeast media landscape, the building stands out among the original industrial land.

Close-up view of the building

From the outside, people could see the operation of the system within the translucent box, which indicates the continuing renewal of the information inventory.
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