Seed & Feed

Seed & Feed is a space that celebrates, recognises and educates communities about native Indigenous foods, plants and people. Following a post-COVID affected cityscape, this community site aims to provide the space and additional opportunities for Indigenous communities within the CBD to infiltrate education on native cooking and planting methods. Through integration of cooking, gardening and market spaces, ‘Seed & Feed’ will become a place where knowledge on native food and cooking is expanded, community relationships are strengthened and Indigenous representatives can form income streams.

Perspective Section

This image explores the horizontal relationships throughout the site. It highlights the narrative that the users follow throughout the internal and external spaces and emphasises the openness of the glasshouse design, to maximise the relationship to the external environment.

Roof Plan

This plan further highlights the spatial arrangements and relationships between programs on the site. There are both indoor and outdoor spaces available for each program and the layout on the site provides opportunities for all users.

Perspectives of Programs

Timeline of Seed & Feed

This timeline explores the cyclical nature of the development of this site. Following a post-COVID landscape, the space will take time to develop. Once development and audience growth occurs, the space will become an ongoing regenerative place for ongoing community engagement, vegetative planting and growing, eating and educating.

Garden View

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