Distribution Centre + Housing

This projetct is an exploration of the bio-wall system within an urban context. The building endeavours to use biomaterials in response to the urban issue of climate change and as means of having better impact on the climate through construction materials.

Distribution Centre/ Plans

Renewable and biodegradable building materials offer remedy to pollution and emission cause by the amount of construction waste generated. Materials such as hempcrete, mycelium and timber (glulam, cross lami¬nated) farmed locally and sustainability are used as the main method of construction.

Distrribution Centre- Central Courtyard

The use of these renewable and biodegradable allows the design of the building to host a large open span warehouse (lower level), a modular office and reception and 10 dwellings on top that incorporates communal spaces and an open central courtyard.

Modular Office

The flexibility of the kit of parts offers demountable and flexibility allowing the user’s customisation. The internal partition walls constructed with mycelium wrapped by timber panels, and CLT panels as the structural wall with hemp as external cladding gives the building high thermal comfort, fire rating and structural rigidity.
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