Situated on the sloping site on the corner of Normandy and Blackburn is a proposed cooperative student housing and urban farming complex. Made up of elevated accommodation for students which dictates that arrangement of urban farming on the ground level the project aims to combat the future growing population while simultaneously regenerating and providing food for the surrounding community. By incorporating both these issues the apartment complex becomes a self-regenerative piece of architecture, encouraging a student led environment which is climate conscious and aware of their own contribution to creating a better climate.

Urban Agri-College

This mixed precinct architecture proposal aims to combine the two programs of student housing and urban farming. Aiming to absorb already existing sustainability programs already on site within the precinct the architecture encourages an area of education and sustainability surrounding the topic of urban farming. Thus, creating a regenerative environment which provides an abundance of local products for the surrounding community.

Site Axonometric

Site context showing the interaction of the road, and the different zone environments adjacent to the project. Industrial zone (left side) to the vegetative reserve park land (right side).

Perspective views

View capturing the 'campus' like environment aspect of the project.

Section Axonometric

Drawing showing the interior structure of the 'floating' apartments
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