The Health and Wellbeing Hub aims to promote not just physical health (i.e. fitness), but also other aspects of one’s health such as dietary health and mental wellbeing, by expanding the central food and beverage venue (i.e. the ‘food heart’) through taking advantage of the indoor building and outdoor microclimates to strategically grow produce. In addition, the proposal will also be able to digest all of the organic waste generated on campus into fertiliser, by using the vast outdoor spaces of the Monash Sports site to locate various compost bin types which will be able to digest all of the organic waste generated on campus.

Perspective Section

A perspective section which encapsulates the design strategies of the project, and shows how the food heart extends outwards from the food and beverage venue into the sports hall and the outdoor gardens.

Expanding the Food Heart Out

A refurbished central food heart space which brings the internal "food heart" out beyond just the food and beverage space.

Revamped Gardens

Revamped gardens where students, staff, and visitors can engage with the produce grown on site, from sowing the first seed to harvest.

Microclimate Opportunities

Taking advantage of the microclimate opportunities of the existing building (e.g. warm and arid sports hall) to grow produce.
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