South facing view of bunji bench

A place to hang out, read, draw, spectate, engage with, walk through, rest, look at, fall off and make friends. The slight undulation of the accessible ramps leads to a platform framed by friendship seating or bunji benches. The benches are protected from any stray balls by a vertical timber batten screen wall which due to its spacing still allows for visual transparency.

Perspective west

The bunji bench is positioned at the corner of the toilet block within a central courtyard. The space is currently underutilized with no location for students to act as observer or simply sit within proximity to activity. Adding the function of the friendship chair helps reiterate the importance of key social values spatially. To value difference, take responsibility, care for, be friendly and include others. (Bunji: commonly used in indigenous languages as mate/friend)

Axonometric detail

Using locally sourced blackbutt timber for both structural components and cladding allows for a cohesive aesthetic, ease of prefabrication, transport, and speed of assembly. Due to the structural components being cut and prefabricated offsite they only need be arranged and clad in-situ. This offers more meaningful student engagement with structure and ultimately the assembly due to reduced member sizing and safe fixing methods.
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