Culture Reconciliation Precinct

The first nation people have a special way of interacting with the land, water, and all the other natural elements. We should be bringing this relationship between environments and cultural creation back.


Rather than simply having artefacts displayed behind locked cabinets within cultural institutions. This cultural precinct will be bringing back this relationship between humans, the environment and cultural creation, with architecture that dissolves itself into the landscape and meets human needs with minimum disruption or destructive impact on the environment. Evoke conversations about the betterment of our relationship with ecologies in this landscape that has been passed down from the past.


Render I

In order to address the deficit in identity and sense of place in current post-colonial landscape. This project uses art and culture as the program in place to promote urban regeneration and grow connection locally and globally.

Render II

This social creation of body of knowledge is open and accessible for all, while the physical interactions between human and nature simultaneously help to inspire and enlighten the artists and provide a backdrop for unique stages open to creative interpretation.

Mapping analysis

The map attached identifies locations of historical and current Indigenous culture happening around the university precinct. The location I have chosen as my site exists at the intersection of these two things: historical indigenous cultural practises and the contemporary cultural practises.
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