What does the new age cemetery look like? This project explores the concept letting go of ideas of memorialising and permanent objects. We can now place ourselves in an ever-evolving ephemeral view on death, one that changes with the seasons. The project will function as a promession centre, market space and burial site elevated above its natural ground. Located on the Queen Victoria Market site chosen for its rich underlying history, originally the Melbourne cemetery.

The ceremony cemetery site-

The site, currently used as a carpark, has a complex history as a former cemetery. A history began by the traditional owners of the land and paved over in colonial history. The project references the layered history of the site by delicately reinstalling the new ceremony function while simultaneously uncovering parts.

Promession plan

The project questions traditional associations between death and permanence, aligning instead with ideas relating to ephemeral design and in turn the sustainable burial methods connected. Explaining the promession located in the top level of the core building, elevated above the market space. The promession process uses freeze drying to generate a material that when mixed with biodegradable matter that can be planted to grow vegetation.

Long Section- project spine

I see this site as an opportunity to offer new and moving settings for contemplation of death. The central building is the promession building, below it is the market and below that is the ground that has been stripped of its carpark material. The carpark geometry has been used to create pond conditions, dependent on the natural elements to activate them. The soil is where remains are planted to create the natural terrain

Short Section- Layers

This section highlights the hub of activities happening around the spine of this building. The ground level is uncovered soil open to the nature elements nurturing remains planted. The market level elevated above is undercover. Market space height is further encroached on by the mechanical space required to house the promession equipment. The top level is the promession space used to create the biodegradable matter.

Ephemerality experience-

Ephemeral values aligned with my views that current burial practices and existing sites are failing to address increasing environmental and land use problems. This attached video gives insight into the collective and individual moments. The experiences differ, shifting with the seasons and offering an ever-changing visitor journey.
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