Masonry In Retrospect

Once a textile factory; converted into apartments; and now into a complex. An inner city application of unreinforced masonry construction systems using inter-industry waste. Located on the corner of Rose and Spring Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the proposal retains portions of its masonry facade and transforms the residential building into a mutli-use development. Through use of advanced manufacturing technologies, the masonry structure stitches together original, salvaged brick modules and site construction waste modules to capture the retrospective journey of the site and present an urban narrative, highlighting the potential of inter-industry waste as building material.

Masonry: Conceptual Approach

The premise of the project looks to the current state of our cities/industries and their associated issues. Australia must react to the modern material problem with inter-industry waste being abundant.

Masonry: Urban Strategy

A composite future for materials which combines bi products, geology, and construction waste.

Masonry: Typology Design & System Application

The construction system formed through a specific typology and materially driven approach. The system itself applied in construction through the use of advanced manufacturing and material innovations.

Masonry: Structural & Design Components

The elementals conform to the structural arrangement of the system, with the formal language of the design highlighted through unreinforced masonry.
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