The notion of overstocking, stocking excess quantities than that is required, moreover a way to end the right-on-time production and stocking. The ideology of stocking the immediate amount creates just the right amount of supply. However, in case of pandemics and shortages, stocking excessive amounts in the designed space corresponds to shortages & fluctuations in the supply chain by accommodating exceeding amounts of the fresh produce in the temperature-controlled area. Beyond the scope of overstocking, the excess space responds to disasters of other natures, such as natural disasters. Overstocking ability provides a flexible supply chain and more negligible carbon emissions.

Urban Context View

The exterior view offers the opening roof state as a way to signify its accessibility by the general public.

Flexible Programs

Section designed to provide the different programs in the excess space with the different opening of roof states and their flexibility.

Dandenong Disaster Shelter Animation

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