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Reefs for Resilience Feedback Form

Reefs for Resilience will support sustainable economic development in the area, increasing the climate resiliency of amenities and supporting eco-tourism based employment. Community engagement and the collecting of feedback is paramount to successful Urban Design interventions and Reefs for Resilience is no exception to this. Engagement programs such as this will help establish the final extent and placement of the reefs while ensuring the benefits are equitably distributed, with the community positively engaged and information on the project widely disseminated.

Projected Reef Placement and Extent

This map indicates the projected placement of Reefs for Resilience prior to the gathering of community and stakeholder feedback. It indicates the depth of these interventions as well as existing shipwrecks that will ultimately be incorporated into the project.

Reef Mock-up

This playful image is designed to showcase some of the benefits Reefs for Resilience will provide to the amenity, attraction and economy of the area. It is intended for use as promotional material.

Cross section of post intervention wave reduction

This image compliments the Reef Mock-up by showing some of the other benefits to beach stability and renourishment that the project will provide. It is intended as a cross over between promotional material and a lay person’s technical guide for the establishment of the reefs, showing their projected anchoring and depth.

Endemic and Target Fish Species

This image shows what species are caught both recreationally and commercially in the area. This will guide both the design and placement of the reefs to ensure support for key and endemic species are provided by the project.

Timeline of Reefs for Resilience Intervention

This image shows the projected timeline of the Reefs for Resilience intervention between 2021 and 2070. It shows the various stages of construction as well as continual monitoring and climate related modifications that may be undertaken on the project over its lifetime.
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