My projects are concerned with environmentally friendly architecture, and how it can be used as a key tool in our global attempt to limit the effects of climate change. In the future, I aim to base my professional work around architectural responses to climate change.


Hosting ample AirBnB accommodation and an accompanying caravan park, Skenes Creek is in need of a new identity that can make it a tourist destination. This project is a public tourist hotspot and community function / event space located adjacent to the main intersection at the entrance to the town, providing a public space and major stopping point within the proposed extension to the Great Ocean Walk. The project operates as a mix-used community space, with seating and a public BBQ for gatherings and events. The site also attends to tourists travelling the Great Ocean Walk by providing public toilets, a small kiosk, surf hire and memorable moments to be captured.

Great Ocean Road Perspective

Internal Perspective

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