Life is full of challenges and its the drive to overcome these challenges where creativity is born. My approach looks at how I can overcome obstacles, or use them to my advantage. My studio projects challenge my skills, interpretations and design quality to produce the best outcomes for a site. I still have much room to learn and develop into an architect in the professional field, and really welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities while absorbing information from experts.

George Street Residence

The design aims to cater to the needs and comfort of the elderly. While the proposal is rational it is still prioritized that the function and circulation of the elderly are seamless and easy, without feeling out of context with the locals or the suburb. The ground floor will be solely public where residents and locals can interact with the benefit of the injected micro-library creating circulation through Church Street to George Street. The fence of the neighboring property has been removed so the proposed can benefit from the two existing driveways. The structure has been designed based on building heights in the immediate context and consists of materials that are evident in Richmond.
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