Along the Edge

Along the Edge is an inclusive proposal which aims to activate the currently spacious but underutilised oval of Dandenong Primary School.

The brick and timber seating follows the perimeter of the oval, weaving through the trees and responding to the existing heritage buildings. Each moment provides a unique experience, whether it be the intimate reading nooks, seating that facilitates outdoor learning or the wide open group seating areas.

Outdoor learning

Native gardens soften the pathway and edible plants encourage outdoor learning experiences and connection to place. The pathway also creates a loop to double as a running track.

Group seating

The brick seating is purposefully low, catering for the younger children, while the timber components add height for the older children and staff. The timber compliments the different experiences along the journey, providing various uses such as relaxed reclined seats in the reading nooks, and tables for groups to place their lunches.


The timber components are to be prefabricated and installed on site. Merbau timber battens sit on a merbau frame and steel support, which connects to the brick base. Screws are attached from underneath, creating a minimalist and clean result.
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