"More than Just a house" is project from the inner outliers class which the conceptual framework is built around the idea of merging an institutional and suburban-type of housing into one inclusive and dignified house for the elderly in Richmond.

The house acts as an expansion of the Richmond conventional weatherboard house family. The existing weatherboard houses in Richmond were mainly designed for workers and young families back in 1800. This house will challenge the usual inhabitant of this conventional house into a house that could also be used for the elderly with disabilities.

Entrance view

The entrance to the site is designed to be blended with the surrounding site context. Furthermore, entrance also incorporate with the site aboriginal plant to create aesthetic and inviting feeling when enter the site.

A view from the top

This is how the elders are going to experience when they gather in the roof garden.

Benefit to the Community

The project provides additional site infrastructure by expanding the pedestrian pathway. The project creates a shortcut to public transport, so the high dependence on the car in this suburban area is lowered.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Section Drawing

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