A view of new urban village

It is a home and urban memories of migrant workers, combining the original living patterns of urban villages to create a multifunctional platform on which flexible spatial modules can be placed to form a small, flexible, scalable and commercialized modular community. Using temporary and permanent structures to accommodate the pressing needs of urban and city life.

collage of urban village texture

Render 1exterior

Render2 interior

At a time when urban spaces are gradually losing their authenticity, we find hope in urban villages. Rather than handing over space to high-tech or commercial high-profile planning, it is better to give the city back to the indigenous people. In this sense, vegetable markets, hutongs, alleyways, walkways, green spaces, and even hawkers are all low-cost communication vehicles, open public spaces that represent the originality of the city. The most traditional, the original, not bound by rules is the best.

Render3 exterior

Contrary to urban life that seeks efficiency and technology, reawakening the potential of people to use their bodies and skills to build their environment. This community creates efficient and sustainable conditions for its residents and its future. Not only do people have the right space, but they have things to do, things to live in and things to build. The aim is to create a vibrant and attractive commercial and residential center.


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