I seek to make safe and inclusive forms and spaces that cater to queerness, neurodiversity, non-humans, and all types of ‘weirdos’ and ‘misfits’. I like to find opportunities to make new connections between seemingly unrelated things, and often blend the organic and inorganic with surreal results. I use digital renders, sound, projection and animation as mediums to explore the space between binaries - where disciplines blur. I am based in Naarm (Melbourne) and utilise an experimental, process-driven design methodology. In the near future I will keep making digital art, and continue to engage with dance events, nightlife, and inclusive temporary design. I’ll see you in the grey spaces.

Sonic Detritus

What might the built environment of Naarm look and feel like if we engineered it with an unbiased and transhumanist understanding of sound?
Sonic Detritus presents an index of artefacts to provoke thought and discussion about our approaches to sound in the built environment. These artefacts are revealed along an episodic, fictional journey from Port Melbourne to Preston, as we explore how the built environment of Naarm might feel different or be improved by an inclusive approach to sound regulation, and an understanding of transhumanism, queer ecology, and acoustic theory.

Episode 2: Under the Westgate Bridge

In this concrete carcass we pause on the traffic where a sonic time machine has formed. Detritus assembled by the wind channels of the bridge - concentric layers of clicks and rumbles, sine waves and kickdrums, displaced from the city centre.

Episode 5: Truck

A garbage truck rolls past, carrying the sonic waste of the city. Once a week it arrives to collect our household bass bin – a vessel to discard unwanted noise. Occasionally less experienced workers will open the bin before entering the anechoic truck, releasing a cacophonous rumble onto the street. The mislocated sounds bounce and echo, dispersing in confused attempts to return to their instruments.

Episode 2 : Soundtrack/Narrative

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