Art Culture Enjoyable and Accessible for Everyone

The perspective image depicts a sense of openness through each studio having a direct relationship with the central courtyard that unites creatives, students, and the wider public.

Cementing Art Culture as an Endless Force

‘Art to Last’ is built progressively through a series of stages aligned with the City of Melbourne ‘Covid-19 Reactivation Plan’. Each stage has its own unique aspiration by responding to social issues outlined in the document. The 3 initial stages (Respond – 3 months, Recover 3-12 months, Regenerate (1 – 5 years) are about proving a case study for the final development (Future Aspirations - 5 years onwards) to occur. This staging in tandem with the architectural gestures aim to reinforce the project title ‘Art to Last’ by cementing art culture as an endless force within Melbourne’s CBD.

Building Public Art Appeal

The existing building situated on the axis of site has been utilised to promote public art through the large windows that give artists an opportunity to gain public exposure.

Reducing the Formalities of an Art Gallery

The sections intend to reduce the formalities of art galleries through a sense of casualness achieved through its balance of cultural consumption/ production and outward art exposure.
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