Throughout my architecture studies I have specialised in public realm projects, from large-scale civic programs to ‘bottom-up’ urban interventions. In my Masters I have been exploring the economic & regulatory frameworks that affect the design of our cities, and ventured into urban design & governance with my projects. This work is part architectural design, part urban planning, and reflects my hybrid interests in the built environment. The project aims to overcome abstract plot boundaries to rejoin open spaces into a network of active urban places. These will be shared by the local community of workers and residents for social activity.

Final Stage - Responsive Development

Focusing on the business park fabric to the north of the Monash Clayton campus, this project proposes an alternative public space procurement strategy called the ‘Monash Public Space Charter’ to activate and renew the area while celebrating its suburban industrial character. This is done under the assumption that the precinct will undergo immense change due to the construction of the Suburban Rail Loop.

Urban Transition

A gradual uptake of the Charter includes tenants in the process, and thus minimises tenant displacement. It gives opportunities for the evolving communities to continually influence the outcomes of this process.

Kit of Parts

This kit of parts forms an integral part of the Design Guide distributed to local business owners, allowing them to actively take part in the renewal process of their precinct. The Charter provides them with grants to incentivise uptake of the proposed facade modules. The modular awning system allows flexibility and variety for their use and application within the project.

The Partnership Process

The Charter aims to form strategic partnerships between the many stakeholders in this area of Clayton to deliver a public realm that better reflects the walkable and vibrant character the Monash National Employment & Innovation Cluster aims for. By developing a process to lessen the impact of property barriers, the Charter creates a connected public realm that would otherwise be underutilised and cordoned private space.

Testing Ground

The Design Guide was developed and tested on a cluster of sites within the area. The intent was to boost the block’s porosity and facade interaction with the internal ‘street’ space.

Facade Collage

This collage highlights the purpose and inspiration behind the facade design system, such as Haussmann’s Parisian boulevards, and New York City’s fire escapes.
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