With the rapid development of China's economy, two old warehouses located in Qianhai District of Shenzhen will soon be transformed into a high-tech museum.
Here, people can see the many high-tech companies and their products that have been born with the rapid development of Shenzhen over the past 40 years.

The Tech Museum of Innovation(SZ) Exterior

I designed a twisted structure to link the two warehouses together. Why was it designed into a twisted shape? Because I think the appearance of the original two warehouses is very traditional, they represent the past, and I want to connect them together with curved surfaces that represent future development trends.

Show room-Exhibition Hall A

Exhibition hall A is to display DJ drones; therefore, this hall has a relatively spacious space and a high ceiling to show the flight of drones. The center of the exhibition hall is specially designed with a remote-control station that can interact with visitors, making the distance between exhibits and people closer.

Show room-Exhibition Hall B

Exhibition Hall B is used to display SF Logistics, mainly showing the classification of objects and the robotic arm.
A process of classifying different goods is presented to visitors in the exhibition hall
There are goods of different sizes and weights on the conveyor belt to different destinations.

Show room-Exhibition Hall D

Exhibition hall D is used to showcase IFLYTEK’s technology, mainly demonstrates 3D printing technology for large objects, such as houses, cars, and others. Some 3D printed products are displayed on the shelves on both sides. In the middle of the room is a large robotic arm at work. Visitors can closely observe the production process by robotic workers.

Show room-Exhibition Hall I

Exhibition hall I is for Lenovo. This hall transforms architectural elements into exhibition spaces, for example, the ceiling and pillars are all Lenovo display screens. Especially the pillars as screens is touch-sensitive, and exhibitors can interact with the pillar.


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