Helena is a fifth-year Master of Architecture Student.

Her project, Home for Three aims to set a new standard for best practice within Apollo bay on how to design a home that can increase local biodiversity, inspire better landscaping practices in the locality and protect both home and landscape from the degenerative environmental factors of erosion and bushfires.

The project interrogates the research question; How do we support increasing biodiversity within Apollo Bay and surrounding localities? A reaction to newly constructed dwellings in Apollo bay that have little to no consideration for the natural environment due to their lack of landscaping.

Eastern Elevation

Collage Visual produced in Adobe Photoshop expressing materiality, form and siting of the proposal.

A-A Section

Construction Section cutting through the central garden space of the project. The native garden becomes the central, active part of the home that both connects and separates occupants.


Hair-pin style, introverted floor plan that connects the main house and the detached studio with outdoor garden spaces and decking.

The main circulation comprises of a corridor with gentle stairs that wrap around the perimeter of the inner garden space and slowly spiral down in harmony with the natural topography of the site.

Vegetation Diagram

Research on native plant species that are indigenous to Apollo Bay. These species were shortlisted based on their flowering seasons, sun requirements, contribution to erosion management and the wildlife they attract.

This diagram was used to inform the landscaping and allocation of vegetation within the project relative to the plants needs.
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