I am a non-architectural background student in second year master who aims to design a space that can connect human to nature.

Inside Out Residential Project

The image shows how the building looks like when public enters the site. The brick arc facade, while serving as an entrance for visitors, impresses upon the user an hierarchy between itself, the building and the surrounding. The building also connect the building with the external courtyard outside so that the craft hub may hold a larger exhibition if needed.

Exploded Isometric Diagram

The diagram shows how different elements and space are being allocated in the building.


The plans show how the space has been allocated and how the diagonal wall divided up the open space. There are multiple ways for visitors to travel between levels, including ramps and lifts, to maximise inclusivity.

Perspective Section

The section shows the space of residential flat, craft hub, courtyard, cafe+shop and children playground. We can also see how the stairs and ramp connect between each floor and space and the corresponding human flow.

Key Moment - G/F

The staircase from the ground level is installed besides the craft hub where people will be conducting classes or other activities. There are windows installed on the wall between the two areas, allowing visitors travelling on the staircase to peek at the indoor area. Seatings are also provided to offer an alternative experience. On the other side of the diagonal dividing wall, there is a greenery space at the courtyard on ground level for the public's use.

Key Moment - 1/F

Different levels of the building are connected by the diagonal ramp and staircase. As visitors travel through the ramp and staircase, they will be able to go in and out the division wall at different levels and be immersed in the unique experiences the surrounding space offers to them. Seatings have also been installed outside the residential flats to allow visitors to take some rest.
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