Urban Sutures - Interstitial Gardens

The garden aims to re-establish connections to the streets and areas of neglect and inefficient use. The Creative Precinct will provide the opportunity for the arts and the audience to work and play, encouraging public interaction and exchange with creative arts. By utilising the existing contours of the site, the step landscape naturally slops downwards connecting users to Sir John Monash Dr. The path leads users through a sequence of public spaces expressed through the meandering pedestrian footbridge and walkway that connects users from all direction.

Urban Sutures - Creative Precinct

The Creative Precinct will provide an opportunity to culturally regenerate the city of Caulfield by creating a permanent platform for the artistic community and industries and encouraging public interaction and exchange with the creative arts. It becomes a place of special gathering, performances and celebration that empowers the local communities.

Urban Sutures - Pedestrian Footbridge and Walkway

By reactivating the unused lot on Sir John Monash Drive, the space provides a range of functions such as, new public spaces, cafes and outdoor pavilion where users are able to use the space to host many spontaneous events. The meandering pedestrian bridge aims to seamlessly connect users from across the Caulfield Station to the Monash Campus. The unification of both North South and East West, the project aims to increase the possibilities for its diverse and adaptable use.

Tectonics of Sand - Formwork

Exploring the future of construction, reduce in concrete, new complexity and variation in architecture, to be used to consider how every building elements can be redefine and formed in new ways.

Extremophilia - Cartography Map

Utilising data from Cassini-Huygens spacecraft to visualise Titan's atmosphere in Xanadu, involving: sunlight, surface temperature, hydrological cycles, that influences surface features and creating methane lakes and seas.

Extremophilia - Space Colonisation of Titan

Space colonisation is inevitable. Humanity's quest to explore and study has been relentless and will soon expand towards Saturn's Largest moon, Titan. The only known body in space that has an existing atmosphere and climate similar to Earth. This exhibition proposes a framework for new discussion based on the implications of future colonization and terraforming. By exploring different ways of how human interventions through technology utilization can improve the terraformed environment while simultaneously have implications from these actions. This draws attention to the presence of other possible lifeforms at the mercy of our actions. Thus, questioning the moral ethics of terraforming.
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