In response to the lack of public amenity Within Dandenong south, this project creates public space, and provides potential for a system which both elucidates logistical processes and establishes a sense of agency for workers. Manufactured and controlled by workers through hijacked production lines and automated systems, the modules at the core of this project can be established in the factories and distribution centres which comprise logistical networks, creating a web of collectively controlled amenity space. The modules then hold accountable the companies concerned with hyper convenience by elucidating the environmental and urban impacts of their rigorously efficient networks

DIY Transparency_Interior

Interior perspective showing the DIY-Transparency platforms being assembled above the factory floor by an automated drone system.

DIY Transparency_integration Diagram

Diagram describing the integration of the DIY-transparency platforms into an existing logistical space. The Platforms are established directly in relation to parameters of safe working zones for machinery and employee privacy.
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