Hi, my name is Jarryd. I am a highly motivated and passionate architecture student
with a strong desire to make an impact in the architectural world. I am interested
in architecture as a medium to immerse oneself through material tectonics and
simplicity drawn from context. I enjoy designing satisfying and unique architectural
experiences that simultaneously engage in attitudes towards sustainability and how we live currently.

The Sanctuary Transitional Courtyard

The courtyard of the Sanctuary (multi-faith space). This is a transitionary space from the 'mundane' outside to a secluded and private space for one to express faith individually or together. Material tectonics was important to generate this shift - warm lighting hinting at the destination spaces and stacked stone run through the design and contrast the exterior. Natural elements (a common attribute of a wide range of faiths) including water and native plants are centralized in the courtyard to create a simple shared connection for the complexity of the faiths that use the space. Programs: 3ds Max, Rhino, Photoshop, After Affects, Premiere Pro, V-ray Phoenix

Public Faith Hall

The public 'destination' space of the The sanctuary (multi-faith space). Unique angles sets the space apart contextually for faith expression, whilst back-lit lighting and warm timbers give a sense of privacy and ambience to the space. Large sliding doors reveal storage and break the space up for multiple faiths. Programs: Rhino, V-ray, Photoshop.

The Sanctuary Ground Floor Plan

Plan of The Sanctuary, using simple arrangements and multiple access points to promote individual or together journeys through the design to the destination of faith expression. This plan is a snapshot in time, illustrating the wide range of activities concurring on ground floor specifically. Programs: Revit, Rhino, Illustrator

Material Perspective Section

A large-scale material 'detail' visualizing space, form, materials and program all in one drawing, thus highlighting the relationship between all elements to create a unique, set-apart design. Programs: Illustrator, Rhino, Revit.

MITA 2.0 Masterplan Exploded Axonometric

Exploded axonometric of a new master-plan proposal for MITA 2.0, an accommodation space for refugee and asylum seekers in transit. This site, situated in Broadmeadows adopts a radiating path strategy from important nodes of connection to allow community to flow into site and access/share buildings. Certain buildings are raised to make the floor plane more accessible and give privacy for those in transit. Programs: Rhino, Illustrator

MITA 2.0 Amphithere View

A perspective view of MITA 2.0, an accommodation spaces for refugee and asylum seekers in transit. Unlike the previous and often dehumanizing MITA, this masterplan promotes community, whereby the ground plane varies and raises to intersect with spaces that refugees and asylum seekers use, whilst creating programmatic opportunities including markets, rest and cafes. Programs: Rhino, Photoshop, V-Ray
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