As an aspiring designer, originally from West Borneo in Indonesia, experiences living and studying in diverse regions, from Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore to Monash University has informed my practice - exposing me to different climates, cultures, and histories. I am interested in residential and hospitality design and believe that good design is intentional - and that even the smallest gestures can make a big impact if it is carefully thought of.


PLAY is a way for us to immerse ourselves into an experience. Unfortunately, as we grow up, there are so much of the unknown – so much fear and thoughts that hinders us from playing and growing. In some cases however, physical ability that also limits us to play as we grow older. Architecture plays an important in our daily lives. This can be seen from how building has affected us emotionally, and the relationship between us and the built world has always been dynamic and exciting.

Architecture should take happiness seriously – and IT IS TIME FOR PLAY.

Diagrams & Section

Section Perspective

Architecture Visualization

Architecture Visualization 2


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