Capturing the views of Apollo Bay and surrounds is a bonus of building in this area. The downfall, however, is being open and exposed to the elements and weather that comes straight off the ocean directly towards the home.
This project explores how to utilise these elements to enhance the design and heighten the sensation of living in a coastal environment, rather than impede the function of the home.


A brief video exploring the design, form, and functionality of the building.

Elevate – Site Axonometric

The prevailing winds of Apollo Bay greatly influenced the form and function of this project. The most stunning views are out to the East and South-East, towards the ocean and the township of Apollo Bay. The unique form of this project projects the outdoor balcony from the harsh winds of Apollo Bay whilst still allowing for the full enjoyment of the spectacular sights.

Elevate – Structural Section & Viewing Diagram

The structural section of the internal components that could be used to construct this bespoke, curved roof.
The view diagram depicts the changing views as you move through the home and the grand views are revealed.

Elevate – Front Seating Area

Along the front of the building overhangs a walkway intended for ground floor access and seating to enjoy the views of the ocean. This walkway connects to passageway between the main house and the self-contained flat that joins with the driveway at the rear of the site.

Elevate – Front Entrance

From this view, the curves from the balcony can be seen continuing to the roof to the back of the building and to the underside of the entrance way. These curves along the rear wall continue internally throughout the building.

Elevate – Balcony View

The balcony can be seen to be impeding the view to the houses below, leaving a clear view of Apollo Bay for the homeowners to enjoy.
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